14 Best Latest Android Live Streaming Game Apps 2021

Best Android Live Streaming Game App – Games are becoming one of the most popular today. You can play it not only on your PC or Playstation, but also on your Android smartphone.

14 Best streaming game application on Android

He also works a lot on broadcasting live games, which is often the case for professional gamers. Through a live broadcast, players not only show how to play, but also how great the users are in the game.

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In addition, there are people who give tips and tricks during the game that make games related to live streaming. Players usually use a computer or laptop for this purpose. But that doesn’t mean you can’t receive live feeds from your Android phone.

And for those of you who want to try a Live Echo, there are several applications that make it possible to create a live game show. And by using these applications, you will certainly be able to show your game and your performance in games. This is the best real-time android application so far.

Best streaming game application for Android 2021

1. Foam

Twitch game

Twitch is one of the best live streaming applications you can try to play live. This application lets you download games and stream them live from your Xbox console to your Playstation 4 for thousands of users to watch in real time. You can also chat with other players via live chat.

2. Creation of mixers

Making a mixer

The next step is an android streaming application called Mixer Create. Yes, this application is actually used to create live streaming games. With this application you can also communicate with other players using the live chat function. You can also use this application to create videos while playing games or creating regular live streams.

Mixer – Interactive Streaming

3. Youtube games

Games on Youtube

This application is as popular as other streaming gaming applications. Yes, an application called Youtube is indeed often used by players to broadcast directly in games. This application offers a lot of interesting features for live play, therefore few people use it for streaming games.

4. Arcade omelet

Arcade omelet

Omliate arcade is one of the best live action game applications. This application is a little different from the others because it does not limit the possibilities of the framed arcade. So you can create live games and share them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other framed arcade users.

5. game. Life

This application is a gaming social media platform designed for users of mobile devices. In this application, you will also benefit from different features as in other real-time gaming applications. In addition, you can communicate with other players via the live chat function.

Game.ly Live – Play the game mobile streaming online

Developer: Skyfield (Hong Kong) Holding Limited

6. Mobcrash


One of the best applications for streaming games is Mobcrush. This application is a streaming video application that allows you to pair games on smartphones or Android or iOS tablets. And thanks to this application, players can broadcast their game in real time with a simple push of a button.

7. TV cube

Cube TV

For those of you who will be playing live games, you can use an application called Cube TV. This application is one of the best services that make it possible to play live streaming games. This application is also capable of delivering high quality live streaming, just like you do. In addition, this application offers many additional features to support your videos.

Cube TV – Live game community

8. Nemo TV

Nimo TV

You can also use the Nimo TV application. This application is also one of the best live streaming applications available today. Thanks to the high-quality interaction technology, the distance between the banners and the fans seems unlimited in time and space. The mission of this application is to make it easier for players to show off their gaming experience.

9. Bigo Live

Bigo Live

This live streaming application is very popular with young people. With this application you can broadcast your game directly. Yes, while Bigo Live is often used and often controversial because it contains a lot of adult content, it turns out that you can also use Bigo Live to experience streaming games.

10. Current car

Current car

There is another real-time ultrasound application called StreamKar. This application is often used by players from all over the country to create live echoes. This application also has many features to help you broadcast live. In addition, this application also has an affiliate program that enables the steamrollers to generate high revenues.

Developer: Tipping Points Technology Ltd.

11. Electrical laboratory

Laboratories of the sector

And there is another live streaming application called Stramlabs. It offers many features that allow you to broadcast your game live. Moreover, this application is really easier to use for live games. In addition, this application can be linked to Twitch, Youtube and other applications.

12. Alive Item

Alive Point

The next step is another streaming gaming application called Live Dota. This application is specially made for Dota fans with a full set of features. At the same time, you can join your favourite team and watch their league games live. It is interesting to note that Dota presents live, real-time statistics, including objects, murders, gold bands, etc., which are available in real time.


Nexplay is one of the latest game applications that allows you to broadcast the games you play live. This application is also an all-in-one live streaming mobile gaming platform for online gamers who need to watch multiple streams.

14. Facebook games

Facebook games

And then there are the Facebook games. Like other streaming gaming applications, this application allows you to stream the games you play live. In the meantime, this application also offers a number of interesting features that you can try out to get better results from your live feed.

Price: Free

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So, my friends, with this live streaming game application for android, it will certainly be easier to do live streaming in the games you play.

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