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All Mendoza Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

In the penultimate mission of Hitman 3, Agent 47 sneaks into a polite party in an expensive mansion. With many guests and a variety of hiking trails, there is much to explore, including 45 undiscovered places.

If you want to find these 45 zones and unlock the masterful realization of terroir/trophy in the process, we have what you need.

Level 4

The picture taken during the game.

Test point

When the mission starts, turn around and walk down the street. There is a small room with guards on your right. Go inside to unlock the door and get out before they get mad at you.

Visualisation platform

Head back up the road and you will eventually see the observation bridge on your right. This is your first mission objective, so the game will take you directly there.

Level 2

The picture taken during the game.


From the observation deck, walk down the street and reach the parking lot.

Parking and tunnel

Go left, climb the barricade and sneak up to the guard house to find the parking lot and tunnel.

Safety tunnel

Enter the security office through the open window and through the door in front of you. This will take you to the security tunnel.

Level 3

From there, you need a mask for each area. We recommend the Guardians.

The picture taken during the game.


Follow the security tunnel and go through the door that leads you straight to the silo.

Lower Gardens

From the gate, turn right and climb over a short fence, then into a field of flowers. This is the area of the Lower Gardens.

Level 2

The picture taken during the game.

Boat Landing

Go down the slope to the left. You’ll see the pier in front of you. Take your hand to unlock it.

Level 3

The picture taken during the game.

Upper Gardens

Turn around, go back up the slope and go to the mansion. You will find an upper part of the garden where, if you walk up the stairs, you can see the upper gardens.

Level 4

The picture taken during the game.

Living room of the villa

On the left side of the villa you will find a gate. Go down left of the door and you can climb up on ledges, past two guards speaking on the ledge. Go upstairs, take them both out and throw the bodies overboard. You could have used his disguise.

Follow the path on the left until you reach the main staircase of the villa. Go up the stairs and through the open window you enter the living room of the villa.

Villa Foyer

Go through the door on your left and enter the foyer of the mansion.

Villa Bed and Breakfast

Go straight ahead and you will find the guest room of the villa.

Garden in front of the villa

Exit the guest room of the villa through the same door and go through the door on your left to the front garden of the villa.

Villa courtyard

Go back into the fireplace and go out the other side of the room to find Villa in the garden.

Level 5

The picture taken during the game.

Villa office

Go back through the hall and up the stairs to the mansion office.

Rear balcony of the villa

Go through the door on the right to find the back balcony of the villa.

Villa Bedroom

Go back inside and turn left at the corner and you will find the men’s room.

Front balcony of the villa

In the bedroom you can see the door to the balcony of the villa.

Roof of the villa

On your right you can climb over the railing onto the roof of the villa.

Villa Bath

Back in the bedroom, go around the bed and open the villa bathroom through the door.

Level 6

The picture taken during the game.

Villa Attica

In the bathroom, you’ll see a rope that you can pull down. This opens a staircase that leads you to Villa Attica.

Level 3

The picture taken during the game.

Basis of the villa

Come down from the attic and get the key from the villa desk. Go down the stairs and look for the door under the stairs in the foyer. Open the door with the key you took and go down the stairs to the basement of the mansion.


Go through the basement, past the long table and through the door on the other side. Open the link maintenance door and follow the path to the Asado area.

Level 2

The picture taken during the game.

Dance floor

Leave the tunnel by turning right and going straight ahead until you reach a staircase going down. Take them and you’ll find the dance floor.


Go straight ahead and enter the reception.

Fermentation broth

Cross the reception and go to the fermentation atrium.

Tasting room

Leave the fermentation room, turn left and follow the corridor until you reach the door of the tasting room.


Go back to the reception, and upstairs in the room you will find a small corridor that leads to the bathroom.

Safety chamber

There will probably be guards in the bathroom. Take one of them or all of them and get dressed. Also, take the key card they have with them to use it at the door with the bedroom keypad. Go straight ahead and then left to find the security room.

secret tunnel

Go through the corridor on the other side of the room and follow it until you open the secret tunnel.


Continue through the tunnel until you find the Arsenal on the left.


Follow the tunnel to the end where you can open the back wall.


The picture taken during the game.

Equipment room

Go back into the tunnel and keep on walking until you see a staircase going down at your left. Take this to the barrel room.

Technical room

Go to the right and you’ll find the technical room.

Wine cooler

Back in the barrel room, find an opening to go down the wooden walkways and go to the other side of the tech room. You’ll find an opening that you can open and crawl through that will lead you to the wine cooler.

Level 0

The picture taken during the game.

Production hall

Go back to the engine room and find the way down on the left. This path takes you to the production room.

Staff lounge

If you go to the right of the door, you will eventually find the staff laundry room on the right.

Staff storage room

You will find the staff cloakroom next to the staff washroom.

Fermentation room

Go from this corner of the production room to the fermentation room.


Enter the fermentation room to the right and go to the cinema.

Chardonnay fields

Enter the cinema and go through the door on the right, then straight on to Chardonnay Fields.

Grapevine barn

Walk through the chardonnay fields to the building in the middle of the fields to find the grape barn.

Grapefield Road

Turn right from the grape barn and you’re on Grapefield Roads.

Malbec Field

Top left to unlock the Malbec Fields area.

Level 2

The picture taken during the game.

Grapevine rocks

There is a road that leads out of Malbec Fields. Take it and don’t follow the path to the beginning of the mission, but go straight ahead and return to the fields. Finally you discover Grapefield Rock.

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