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Atelier Lulua ~The Scion Of Arland~ Review –

The Atelier series is a very popular JRPG series that includes 22 platformers and 37 games in the series. It’s no surprise then that the series has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Previous entry in the series Atelier Lydie et Suelle : Alchemists and mysterious paintings and its derivative, the Carnation and the Legendary Alchemist, were not well received. However, this did not stop Koei Tecmo from continuing to air the series on the system. In January they re-released the first game in the Arland series, and now they have released a brand new entry in the series called Atelier Lulua : Sayon Arlanda. Could this latest entry change the situation?

This game is the direct continuation of Atelier Roron: Arland’s alchemist, targeting Rorona’s daughter. Lulua is an aspiring alchemist who comes across a book on alchemy that no one can read but her. She goes in search of the ingredients of this book and discovers the secrets hidden within its pages. Of course, history is not the strong point of this game. Too many overflows, bland characters and plot lines that really stifle interest in the story. Depending on what you’re looking for, the story has some redeeming qualities. If you expect a well-structured plot, with good rhythm and careful execution, you may be disappointed. But if you want an adventure that focuses on eccentric characters, then you can be satisfied with what the game has to offer.

The game is mostly a standard role-playing game. You will explore many areas with unique objects and scattered monsters as you try to fill the pages of the book of alchemy. These areas are more focused on exploration than puzzle solving. Besides fighting enemies, the only interaction with these environments is collecting ingredients through fishing, catching bugs, and so on. Talk about enemies: The game takes an old-school approach when you encounter them, shifting your focus to a turn-by-turn combat scenario. This is exactly what you would expect, although there is an interruption mechanism that allows the character to act outside of his normal turn. This ability takes a few turns to recharge, but it adds a small strategic element to the combat system.

Character design adds another layer of strategy to the game’s combat. Only three members of your party can actively participate in a fight, but you can also bring two other characters as support. They bring passive abilities that affect future battles. Trying out different group formations is part of the appeal of this game, and gives you the opportunity to experience different characters rather than staying with a few for the duration of the game. You can even switch between characters, so you can make the most of your passive skills during combat. So you have every reason to try every character the game has to offer.

It’s clear that craftsmanship plays a big part in this game, and it’s gone way beyond the simple story. You have the ability to equip different items that you create during the game, and each of them can offer different status bonuses. What’s so great about this product is the quality with which it’s made, because there are a lot of little quality-of-life improvements that make it such a pleasant feature – from robust sorting functions that make it easy to navigate through your long list of ingredients to the number of production options. The only real limit you have to increasing the stats of an item is the amount of ingredients you have for that recipe. The controls are also balanced, so more complex control features won’t overwhelm new players. You can easily make the simplest objects, and by the time you reach some of the most boring bosses in the game, you will have spent enough time in the game to be ready to make more complex objects.

Probably the best aspect of this game is the execution in graphics. This game has a very cute and colorful artistic style that fits perfectly with the characters and the structure of the game’s story. There is hardly an environment that looks this dark, even from a distance, with even darker levels of bright colors. All environments are unique, so every area of the game is varied. Although the design of the level is roughly the same for each zone, the images ensure that they are not too identical. Not to mention the little details that make each area more vivid, like the cycle of day and night.

Another amazing aspect of the design is the music. He has such wonderful and charming stories that fit perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the game. Apart from the sweet charm of the music, everything is so well composed that using headphones in portable mode is an absolute must.

While Atelier Lulua is far from perfect, it offers an intriguing game mechanic. For the lover of craftsmanship, the adventure is a special pleasure. A great story is missing, and some of the areas you will explore will seem uninspired. There are a lot of JRPGs on the Switch, but very few of them offer a detailed crafting system like here, and if this is your jam, you’ll find a lot to love here.

Atelier Lulua ~ Le Scion d’Arland ~ Overview
  • Charts – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 8/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late Call – 7/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

Atelier Louloir : Scion of Arland is a vast improvement over the other entries in the Workshop on Exchange series. The colorful graphics, excellent controls, and improvements in gameplay make the game exciting and interesting in its own right. However, the overly simple story, uninspired levels and other minor problems prevent him from achieving greatness. This is a perfect introduction to the workshop series and a good place to sample.

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