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Best Laundry CC, Mods & Clutter Packs –

The Sims 4 laundry day pack may have brought a new gameplay element to the Sims 4… Well, the game. But that didn’t give us another shit.

For a laundry, there were originally only three hams, some kind of clothesline and a bottle of detergent.

As a messy simmer, I was certainly expecting a bit more…. Stuff.

Powder-puff boxes, maybe. Piles of decorative clothing. Clothes and hangers.

So I went to the always reliable Sims 4 CC community to find something fun to wash. Here are some CCs that I highly recommend!

1. Fewer fires at the Rainbow_Brite laundry

Less fires in the laundry room Rainbow_Brite Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

As a simmer that plays out almost exclusively in dysfunctional and stressful homes filled with chaotic and irresponsible young adults, it’s a fad I personally use.

My Sims barely have time to do laundry, let alone clean the lint tray in the dryer.

And before I was told to use a clothesline, TS4 Seasons made rainy days a thing.

It’s better to catch fire in the laundry room than to suffer the frustration of not having your laundry dry on time.

Content creator Rainbow_Brite’s mod ensures that the dryer only has a 10% chance of catching fire, instead of the standard 55% (which is unfairly high). There is also an additional scent file that allows your Sims to immediately remove themselves when they reach that 10%.

If your family is as unruly as mine, or you just don’t feel like cleaning up your lint trap, this fashion is a literal discovery.

2. LittleMsam Laundry Review

LittleMsSam TS4 CC laundry overhaul

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This mod is exactly what the title says: a minor overhaul that allows the game’s original wax settings to be adjusted to something more reasonable.

For example, this mod will let your Sim throw his clothes in the garbage can himself, unless he’s lazy.

Realistic, huh?

Good news for anyone who is tired of picking up their Sims.

(Just because we can carry a bunch of clothes in a basket doesn’t mean we should).

This module also allows you to add a pile of clothes to your inventory when you change clothes on the common lots (a nice and logical addition, from a realism standpoint), have your Sims automatically turn on the washer and dryer after loading (instead of looking at the machine and wishing it was working), and change the interaction between unloading and storing so that your Sims can always put away laundry no matter what they do.

(Because why would you leave a pile of fresh laundry on the floor?)

I highly recommend reading the author’s notes in their entirety before installing this mod so you know what to expect.

But overall, the subtle changes in the redesign make the game a lot easier to play.

3. Large-capacity pulse

Large tank basket per language for The Sims 4

Consult this CC

Another Sims 4 laundry mod that I highly recommend (because I never looked back after installing it).

Egureh’s Larger Hamper Capacity mod is pretty explicit. This changes the default maximum for storage baskets in the game from 20 to 100 piles of clothing.

The difference of 80 may seem too great. But note that the Sims change clothes more often than we humans do IRL (I’d say they do three or four shifts a day, especially if they have a job that involves placing rabbit holes).

So, in an 8 sims house, everyone changes sides, right and center? This mod is a must.

Don’t forget to check the author’s notes for compatibility and possible mod conflicts!

4. Clothing Batteries Moody Mod by PolarBearSims

Moody Laundry Piles Mod by PolarBearSims Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Unlike the other mods in this list, this one is not meant to make the game easier.

Instead, it adds an eccentric flavor and variety.

In the description, the creator admits that she doesn’t like the fact that certain triads determine 100% of your Sim’s actions (e.g., whether he’s clean, has a penchant for family, etc.) when it comes to doing laundry.

To spice things up, this mod makes the Sims pick up dirty clothes or leave them on the floor depending on their mood of the moment.

Imagine that: Sad or depressed Sims who are simply not in an emotional state to worry about dirty clothes on the floor. Stressed Sims who just don’t have time. And angry or upset Sims who are too busy to worry about a few piles of lost clothes.

You’ll find out later.

This fashion is a new concept that has been implemented perfectly.

If you’re ready for a game based on emotions, you should get it. If you need a cheat sheet, all the moods that leave the wax on the floor are listed in the designer’s notes.

5. No! Linen pile from PolarBearSims

Laundry Battery by PolarBearSims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Want to get rid of the pile of laundry?

Let your Sim enjoy the benefits of clean, dry clothes without the hassle of dirty laundry? This mod can handle it, easily.

She makes sure there are no piles of clothes after changing the Sims, regardless of their mood, age or character traits – as her name suggests.

It’s simple, but it’s a game changer.

Quick tip : This is the same maker of the previous model washpipes with Dry Cleaner.

If you have this mod installed, they collide.

The best choice that suits your playing style.

6. TeknikahCountertop washer and dryer

Teknikah TS4 CC under counter washer and dryer

Consult this CC

As someone who really loves Tiny Life (because the benefits almost seem like a legitimate scam), I was forced to give up laundry.

The advantage of The Sims 4 is that if you don’t have a basket and other items to wash and dry your clothes, the game will ignore them all. So they saved me from drowning in piles of clothes.


I appreciate the joy and confidence that clean clothes give my sims. So I was a little frustrated.

That’s where Teknikah’s absolutely brilliant idea comes in: Washers and dryers that can be placed under the counter. Like a dishwasher.

I mean, you should at least have a free cooker in your house – no matter how small it is. Why not turn it into a multipurpose dishwashing room?

This mod does not replace the existing washers and dryers in the game, so you can still play with batteries (not slots) if you want.

Personally, I like mods that turn things into space savers. So this mod is a big win for me.

7. Under the counter laundry basket from Teknikah

Under Teknikah Sims 4 CC Laundry Baskets

Consult this CC

Read everything I just wrote for the previous mod, because it applies to this one too.

This mod is from the same maker as the washer and dryer mod, which makes perfect sense.

If you want to do laundry under the counter, you can hide it under the counter.

Again, compact mods that are absolutely amazing.

Like washing machines and dryers, they are new game subjects, not replicators! – These work with almost all vanilla game counters (I haven’t tried them with custom or CC counters).

There are four in total: (1) Feelin’ Fabric Laundry Basket, (2) LaundryMaid Laundry Basket, (3) Wicker Whims Basket, and (4) Wicker Whims Basket. The color/style patterns are the same as the fun over-the-counter designs.

8. Rhea Baby Laundry

Rea Toddlers Washing by jomsims for The Sims 4

Consult this CC

These CC pieces are non-interactive, purely decorative cloths designed to imitate the baby’s washroom, all of them.

Like this.

Fuck, man.

That’s good. That’s good.

Seriously, look how pathetic they are! It barely fits the size of a young adult sim. My sim, for the scale.

Rea Toddlers Washing by jomsims for The Sims 4

I can’t duplicate that. The pieces are small.

Conceptually, I like it.

It’s not like the little guys can really do the laundry (whether in game or IRL). But it certainly reminds us of those functional toys that children often receive as gifts.

Think light oven and baby makeup. The washer, dryer, sink and iron look like toys that work like their adult counterparts, but only about 5% of the time.

The fact is that this CC set is a true delight in terms of decor. 10/10 recommended for family games.

9. Wash Kit (Sims 4) by Dara_Savelly (

Laundry Set (The Sims 4) by Dara_Savelly ( TS4 CC

Consult this CC

Now it’s a nice decorative set that makes it easy and fun.

All the elements of this set are perfect if you want to create a functional no-frills laundry room that looks clean and lived-in.

I would say my absolute favorite in the set is the 7 slot ironing board – two of which are on small metal wire shelves.

Since this Sims 4 clutter pack also includes custom pendant decors (one flat and one upright), these slots make sense.

The ironing board is also the one with the most patterns (12 patterns in total), so I think it’s one of the most important pieces of decoration.

The rest of the decor is mounted here to create a space that seems practical and unnecessary, which is highly recommended if this is to your taste.

You can also find a full list of items in the author’s notes if you want to know what you are downloading.

10. Daylight window for laundry without clutter of illogical sims

Washday window without the messy slots of the illogical Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Okay, listen to me.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the laundry.

I’m aware of that.

But since it’s Window Bae from the Laundry Day package, I’ll give him a pass.

That, and I think the idea behind this CC article is great.

Since window B is literally a bay window, the wooden panel at the bottom can technically be used as an additional surface. It’s too small for cushy or functional seating, but the clutter and decoration? The right size.

We strongly recommend that you allow cheating with bb.move objects if you want to create a denser mess. The slots work, but they are a bit complicated.

Nevertheless, I have experienced this window into the game, and I personally appreciate it.

11. Laundry – Decoration BuffSumm

Laundry room - BuffSumm Sims 4 CC Decoration

Consult this CC

What if you want piles of clothes without having to deal with piles of clothes? You know, for that lazy, routine aesthetic?

Then this Clutter Pack from BuffSumm is a good choice.

You get folded towels, crumpled linens, a few boxes of laundry detergent, laundry sponges and more – all without linen wrapping!

Build a cozy little laundry room in The Sims’ house or apartment without having to do any actual laundry in the game.

Personally, I love boxes of detergent and fabric softener sprays. Really, everything looks very busy. (I love houses that look torn down and lived in, okay?)

12. Laundry to Laundry pqsim4

Laundry Liere on pqsim4 for Sims 4

Consult this CC

This laundry kit is very different from the laundry kits from Dara_Savelly and The Laundry – Decoration by BuffSumm.

If there is no specific style theme behind the commonly used laundry, this binder set up by pqsim4 has a very distinct style.

The decoration consists of straight, clean cutouts and solid colored panels. The accents are very correct. The tapestries are very modern.

Even a mop and a dustpan don’t look like a stain.

It’s a very clean and minimalist style, that’s what I mean.

And for a laundromat, it’s not the style I was expecting.

But I think pqsim4 did it perfectly. The pieces are beautiful, the patterns are very elegant and I love the clearly marked baskets. These are the obstacles I would buy in real life.

13. Welding kit for pqsim4

pqsim4 Sims 4 CC Laundry Facility

Consult this CC

This game is always with pqsim4, and it shows.

I’m honestly in love with this designer’s very simple and clean style.

The works have this atmosphere of freedom and meticulousness, while fitting into a specific style category. And the color palette of the rooms is also very good. Light pastels, pure wood, solid black and white and some warm and dark tones.

I think of all the junk packs, this one has the most random parts that still work.

I mean, obviously you have boxes of detergent and bottles of soap. But there’s also a box of who knows what Amazon-style and a framed photo that clearly states the washing rules.

I will say that this tutu is very elegant and I really love it.

Plus, the slots for clutter are amazing on all available surfaces. You don’t need bb.move objects here, there’s plenty of room!

14. Severinka laundry

The laundry set up by Severinka Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

This big old school Severinka Laundry serves up a big piece of nostalgic pie.

They describe it as a set of hand-washed linen furniture and decorations, and that’s enough to sell it for my teenage soul.

An execution?

That’s very good. Absolutely beautiful.

There’s a used wooden sink, a sink with a washboard, a small classic stool (that you can lean on and rub yourself like crazy), and clotheslines with classic wooden clotheslines. All the pieces are made of wood and look like they have been used with love.

The atmosphere is that of a very sunny day in a house on the meadow. If it suits your playing style – or if you want to build an authentic old wooden house – I highly recommend it.

15. Vintage Lingerie by Lulu265

Lulu265 Sims 4 CC Vintage Laundry

Consult this CC

I saved my favorite package of washing and decorating for last.

This vintage laundry from Lulu265 is beautiful. That’s amazing.

I may be biased towards anything classic, retro and vintage, but you can’t deny the beauty of these things.

The used wood wardrobe, the stainless steel trash can, the laundry shelves, the wall hangings – trust me, all of this looks fantastic in the game.

Lulu265 Sims 4 CC Vintage Laundry

My favorite piece in this collection has to be the wall art.

They come in four different styles: artistic, bold, beautiful vintage or a combination of all three.

Especially the motif of the missing sock section appeals to me on a spiritual level.

This linen set contains unique and amazing pieces that you can use to create a period laundry room that is somehow minimalist and totally eye-catching.

Pair with exposed bricks and maybe one of the wick baskets from the Instagrammable construction (Simstagrammable?).

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