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Destruction AllStars Full Trophy List

Given society’s general penchant for reality TV and general chaos, I’m a little surprised we don’t have a real martial arts show on TV like Destruction AllStars. Derby for half the destruction, drama for half the rest of the players; you’d be watching, don’t pretend otherwise. Let’s enjoy the derby destruction video games for now before they become a real problem. Here is the complete list of All Star Destroyer trophies.

Destruction AllStars offers you 23 different trophies to collect as part of your coveted hunt for platinum trophies. Bronze, silver and gold trophies as such:

Destroy Stars Full List of Trophies

  • Novice (Bronze): Win all featured goals for an event.
  • No free ride (bronze): Complete all freeplay tutorials with each character.
  • Stars and cars (Bronze) : Finish and win the chaos tutorial.
  • Detonation – Dominate (Bronze) : Complete and win the Carnado tutorial.
  • The Last Star (Bronze): Complete and win the tutorial on the grid.
  • Bankety Bank (Bronze) : Complete the hamster training and win.
  • De held die we niet verdienen (Silver): Destroy the opponent’s car in an online match.
  • Spirit (money) : Do 100 stealth damage in Cypher and do no damage in online matches.
  • Irrevocable (money) : Block 100 damages with uncontested shielding by using a circuit breaker in an in-line section.
  • Fortress (Silver) : Hold a full shield in the Gravitron for 5 seconds in an online game.
  • Ball (Silver) : Fragment of 2 vehicles in a fragment with Sabre in a line match.
  • Flamethrower (Silver) : Encourage an entire team with Cerberus in an online match.
  • Lit flame (silver) : Fire up 3 AllStars with Wildfire in an online contest
  • Pitch Perfect (Silver) : Destroy 3 enemies with CRASHendo in an online game
  • Home Run (Silver) : Destroy 3 enemies at once with Mr. Shine Crusher in an online game
  • Hit List (Silver) : Get 3 targets in a single application of Xero X-Ray in an online contest
  • Ultimate accuracy (Silver) : Removal of 3 targets in a slot bet number in an online game
  • No Escape (Silver) : Crush all your opponents with Barong’s countdown feature in an online match.
  • Chewed (Silver) : Shredding 3 cars at a time Shredding in an online game
  • Cursed (Silver): Take on 3 opponents at once in an online match.
  • Immediate Service (Silver) : Attach drones to 3 opponents in a single mission during a line game with the Boxmobile
  • Party Animal (Silver) : Destroy 3 opponents with Smoke Commander in an online game with a mission
  • Clamp Speed (Silver) : Destroy 3 opponents with Smoke Commander in a single-stake online match.
  • Ultimate Respect (Gold) : Win all star goals in the Ultimo Barricados series, Mutual Respect.
  • Not recognized (gold) : Get a score of S or higher in all cases.
  • Demolition ball (gold) : Execute 100 errors in each mode
  • AllStar (Gold) : Win 50 games online
  • Control of competition (gold) : Win at least one online match with each AllStar
  • Hall of Fame (platinum) : Discover all Destruction AllStars trophies

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