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Diablo 2 RG9 Mod Version 1.3: The Biggest Update Yet!!

My brother and I made a mod for Diablo 2. He modifies certain skill pills that radically change the barbarian, druid, and paladin. It also makes golems and skeletons more viable. I hope you enjoy it!

I highly recommend playing it with Plugy (install Plugy first):

The mod runs on 1.13c, and I play with the plugin.

Link to v. 1.3 of the mod:

This mod has its own subreddit where you can post questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc. about this mod:

If you try it and find errors, let me know. I checked it myself and it shouldn’t be serious, but it could be something small that I missed.

The quality of life is changing:

– You don’t lose a body when you die.

– Increase inventory and raise the choradic cube.

– Increase in drop and play rates (does not apply to runes).

– Allows you to play on the difficulty level with a large number of players (max. 64) : These are settings before 1.10.

– Rune recipes do not require gemstones.

– The introverted disk has been removed.

– Correct the number 5.

– Mercenaries can now have belts, gloves, boots, amulets and a ring.

– You can now use boots, gloves, spears and other throwing weapons (new for version 1.3).

– There are common words for spears and throwing weapons, but none for boots and gloves.

– You can now buy gems and runes from vendors: see vendor.pdf for prices and which vendors sell which runes (new for v.1.3).

– Precious stone prices:

– with fractionation (gold) 7.0000

– 11,000 defects (~1.5*chips)

– Standard: 20,000 (~1.75* defective)

– flawless: 40,000 (2*standard)

– perfect: 100,000 (2.5* flawless)

– Rune price: p(n) = Rune price # n

– — p(1) = 20,000

– p(n) = p(n – 1) + 1,000*40/27*n , if 1 < n < 11 (approximation of the nearest thousand) => p(10) = 100,000

– p(n) = p(n – 1) + 1.000*50/27*n , if 10 < n < 17 => p(16) = 250.000

– p(n) = p(n – 1) + 1.000*50/19*n , if 16 < n < 22 => p(21) = 500,000

– p(n) = p(n – 1) + 1.000*25/6*n , if 21 < n < 27 => p(26) = 1.000.000

– p(n) = p(n – 1) + 1,000*1,000/177*n , if 26 < n < 33 => p(32) = 2,000,000

– — p(33) = 3,000,000

– Full revision of choradriccube recipes: see choradriccube.pdf (new for v.1.3).

– The culture of the tests has decreased slightly because they can now be made (expensive).

– The sign of absolution can now be done relatively cheaply, for respectability should not be so expensive.

– The recipes are all the same as in Vanilla, cf.

– The pluggable elements can be removed at relatively low cost by leaving the elements plugged in.

– This can also be used to loop the lines.

– They now follow a more systematic system and each type of gemstone corresponds to a class of elements:

– Normal skull (for) normal (objects) < supreme amethyst < magic sapphire < rare topaz < handmade ruby < set diamond < unique diamond

– Jewels are much more useful because they are included in more recipes.

– Magic rings/amulets can now be used to create level 1 jewels, which in turn can be used for other recipes.

— so the jewels found in the infernal situation can still be used for manufacturing.

– Replace sample immunity with 95% resistance.

– This also applies to superunicas (some superunicas have a random mode that can increase resistance and make them immune).

– Monsters and unique champions can still be immune.

Big changes:

– Added new rules (see runewords.pdf for all rules in order) (new for version 1.3).

– Skill fees for single items, kits and subitems are replaced by salaries.

– Wolf Bowl skills are now normal skills.

– Exchange of skills between characters :

– Change of character (druid) with war cry (barbarian) (inspired by Wulfhaul).

– Exchange elemental skills (Druid) with offensive auras (Paladin).

– Assessment alternates (Paladin -> Druid) with Valkyrie (Amazon).

– Exchange of a combat team (barbarian -> druid) with a shadow master (assassin).

– Added new magic affixes (the rare ones can have these too): 5% chance of throwing the level y z in one go.

– y = 5 (normal+), 10 (nightmare+), 15 (hell).

– z are all types of spells (requires level 1-12 normal+, 18-24 nightmare+, 30 hell).

– Required level measurements 1-6 with levels 5-10 (normal+), 15 (nightmare+), 20 (hell).

Barbaric changes:

– Fire Claw only gets its synergy from Lintropy.

Changes for the Druid:

– This allows the druids to summon the bear and the wolf at the same time.

– The druid is now a crazy secondary character who uses auras, war and summer.

– It differs from Skelemer in that it focuses on buffs rather than debuffs.

Changes for Necromancer :

– Rebirth is eternal.

– Damage to Clay Golems, Blood Golems, Fire Golems and Skeleton Mages is doubled per level (new for version 1.3).

– Clay and blood ooze are generally still used as mediums.

– The Holy Fire Golem’s Holy Fire Aura is not polished, though it is mainly used to finish off enemies when using poison skills.

– This allows the necromancer to summon all golems at once.

– The maximum number of each number increases every 15. Level by level (does not apply to the Iron Golem).

– Skeleton masters have more life:

– (It turns out that he initially had 7% more life per level, which has now increased to 10%).

– This is not visible in the original game, because it is not printed in the descriptions (SkillDesc.txt).

– With evoked necrosis, the skeleton no longer needs to be lifted.

– Try skelemagi + fire golem + elemental weakness, or total golem built.

Paladin is changing:

– The conversion time increases by two seconds for each level.

– Allow Holy Lightning and Fist of Heaven to do damage to all types of enemies (not just the undead).

– Blessed Hammer gets Armageddon Synergy instead of Concentration (new for v.1.3).

– Hurricane gets a synergy from Knight instead of Twister.

– Zeal takes its synergy from the Hurricane, not the Sacrificial Face.

– Paladin focuses more on elemental damage, with crazy combos like hurricane + jealousy or armageddon + blessed hammer.

Changes in the witch:

– The meteor delay is a quarter of the original.

Installation Instructions :

– Place the data folder and the two dlls in the Diablo 2 installation folder.

– Start Diablo 2 with a shortcut with -direct -txt in the target line (in the shortcut settings).

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