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Fix: Could not Find a Version that Satisfies the Requirement for Tensorflow

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Tensor Flow is an open source artificial intelligence platform that encompasses many libraries and public resources. A nerd can easily install Python and PyCharm on his systems. However, an error occurs when installing Tensorflow: No TensorFlow compatible version has been found. No corresponding distribution was found for TensorFlow. “

This error can have several causes. We will continue and fix this bug in Windows until we get rid of it.

Check the version of Python on your system

If you are using Python 3.6X on Windows 10, you are probably using 32-bit Python. TensorFlow is only compatible with the 64-bit version. Install 64-bit versions and set the PATH environment variable. By adding the path to the Python versions, you can open the python.exe file by typing in the python keyword. If the variable PATH is not defined, an error occurs. To solve this problem, you need to indicate the full path.

January 2021 updated:

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Translate your version of Python to Anaconda.

TensorFlow only supports Python 3.6.x and 64-bit. If you use a GUI such as Anaconda and Python 3.7, you will need to upgrade to Pythin3.6 to install Tensorflow.

PythonPackage upgrade

Pip is a package installer for Python, and we can use pip to install packages from the Python package index and other indexes. Although updates are regularly released every three months, these packages need to be manually updated on your system by executing certain commands. If these are not exceeded, this may cause an error in the installation of the tensor flow. So let’s update the pip-package by executing the following commands so that all packets are updated automatically:

Pipeline installation – UpgradePipeline installation – Upgrade

We hope that after updating the piping packages your installation will run smoothly and that you will now be able to develop interesting software projects with Tensorflow.

The version of TensorFlow may not be compatible with your version of Python. This is especially true if you are using a newer version of Python. For example, there may be a delay between the release of a new version of Python and the release of TensorFlow for that version of Python. In this case, I think the above options, such as downgrading Python, compiling TensorFlow from source and waiting for the correct version of TensorFlow, are possible workarounds you can use to install TensorFlow on your system without external interference.

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