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Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Suit Only guide for Dubai

Silent Assassin is one of the most difficult challenges of all the Hitman games. Some places in Hitman 3, like Dartmoor, have a relatively easy path that makes them a bit more accessible. In this guide, we’ll cover the much more difficult Silent Assassin challenge than the Dubai challenge, as well as the challenge of the combination alone.

your cargo


The equipment needed to make Silent Assassin is not too complicated, but Agent 47 must be equipped with three specific items. He must have a gun with silencer, coins and wire. The original location is the atrium.

Step 1 – Kill Marcus Stuyvesant.

Your first goal is the easiest, Marcus Stuyvesant. You must run as fast as you can to reach your destination. Go up the stairs and turn left to the black-and-gold ray.


The blue curtains on the left side of the bar hide another staircase. You have to go there, turn right and run to the doors at the end of that corridor. Until you can see through them.

To the right of these doors, drop your weapon with the silencer. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get another one in a minute. The reason you do this is to distract your target’s bodyguard. Marcus will tell his bodyguard to put the weapons away, but he will continue on his way without weapons. And that’s when we strike.


Below is a link to a map of these doors.


Go through the doors, close them behind you and lean against the wall on your right. There is a guard here who will go right past your position. If he sees you, you will fail the Silent Killer challenge. Wait by the wall until he passes your position. Then press the attack button and overpower him.


Grab the gun the guard throws, it’s a gun with a silencer, and drag his body down the hallway to a locker where it can be hidden.


Now comes the tricky part. Go back to the doors you came through and hide around the corner, next to the elevator doors. Use your instincts to observe what your target is doing. After a while, he should walk through the door alone and run down the hallway to the cabinet where you just hid the body. Close the doors behind him and use the fiber optic cable to pull him out when he gets to the locker. You don’t have to drag him that far to hide him if you let him go most of the way.


Step 2 – Arrival at the apartment

When Marcus is out of the way, you can ease up. But you still need to be discreet. Go back to where you came from and now go to the doors on the left, behind the elevator doors. The two guards outside the doors meet every 30 seconds or so to talk. Wait for them to disperse before you open the doors and go up the stairs.


Below is a link to the map of these stairs.


At the top of the stairs are two technicians working on various pieces of equipment. The patrol leads them away from the equipment on the other side of the room, where they talk for a while before returning to work. The equipment should be used as cover to sneak in on the left side. Only do this when the technicians are working on the equipment. Otherwise, you will be seen.


In the left corner, a blue tarp is stretched over the railing. Skip over and onto the platform.


You must now dodge until you reach the first platform. If you look on the balcony here, you will see that the guard just started screaming.


Wait until he looks to the right before you jump over the balcony. You need to restrain him as quickly as possible or he will notice you. Throw his body over the balcony and onto the platform. He won’t die unless you miss him and fall to the ground. Now, take the key card from the apartment that this guard dropped.


At this point we need to go down the corridor to the left, to the front door of the apartment. In that hallway is a guard with a patrol who will lead him from the stairs to the water fountain. While he is watching the cooler, you can sneak past him. The best way to get past him is to drop a coin on the stairs behind him while he is there. You can then walk down the hall without being seen.


Once you get past that, use the silenced pistol you grabbed earlier to shoot at the camera in that hallway. We’ll come back here and it’s easier to do it now before he notices you.


Now go to the entrance door of the penthouse, use the keypad and go up the stairs. Go through the top door and then you need to go through the second door on the left.

Step 3 – Kill Carl Ingram

There is already an ANC in the room. Take it out and hide it in a freezer nearby. Then get the rat poison.


Now you need to open the door on the left to start a conversation between the cook and the guard. It’s a long conversation, so watch the two NPCs move instinctively. No one else will enter this room.


The guard will leave after drinking some water. The cook will go to the island to prepare the food in the middle of the kitchen. As soon as he leaves to drink water or cook something, he will sneak in and prepare the food on the island.


The cook turns around after each action. When the food is ready, go to a corner of the island to not be seen. The cook will now go to another activity where he will not see you. This is the time when you must poison the food you just cooked.


When the poison is in, go to the corner of the island and bend over there. You have to press the island bell, which will call the Ingram to eat.


When that’s done, go back through the door where you came in the kitchen. Your target will come through that room, so hide in the bathroom until he does. Go through and wait for him to sit down with the two bodyguards. When they are all inside, you should leave the bathroom and hide behind the crates in front of the kitchen door.

One of the guards will return. Take him as the first guard in this guide. Then hide his body in the freezer.


Now go to the other crates in this room and take up your position behind them. You wait for your target to be poisoned so he can come here and get sick.


Wait until the target has passed, then wait until his last bodyguard has passed. You must overpower the bodyguard before he enters the bathroom. Then you can go in and drown the target.


There is no reason for other NPCs to come here, but we like to hide the bodies in the bathroom, just in case.

Step 4 – Exit Strategies

An easy way to leave the mission is to retrace your steps and go home. You’ll have to wait in the hallway for a guard to see the water dispenser, but you can leave fairly easily.

If you want to get away a little faster, follow our alternative option.

Go down the stairs leading to the apartment and back to the hallway with the guard. Wait for him to walk away from the stairs and run after him. Keep an eye on the camera on the wall as you descend on the first run. Use your silence gun to get him out.


Go down the second flight of stairs and out the door. Use your instincts to make sure there are no guards on the other side. Once you get past those, you have to go through the doors on the right and come back into the atrium. You can now go to the main entrance and leave as if you had never been there.


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