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How to Display Refresh Rate on OnePlus Phones [without Any App]

Android phones are popular because of their free user interface and many customization options. The smartphone industry has seen many improvements in recent years, including innovations such as full-screen display, high frame rates, etc. OnePlus is one of the few brands that has brought high update rates to its phones. And if you are also using a OnePlus phone with a high frame rate, this guide is for you. Here’s how to view the frame rate on OnePlus phones.

A higher refresh rate means a smoother phone call. However, it also discharges the battery faster than normal. As a result, OnePlus smartphones have a dynamic refresh rate that lowers the refresh rate when the device is in standby mode. In addition, many applications and games do not support a higher refresh rate. And you probably want to know what the refresh rate of your application or game is.

OnePlus Phone Screen Refresh Rate

OnePlus has launched many smartphones with high refresh rates, starting with the OnePlus 7 Pro, which has a 90 Hz display. Later, the OnePlus 8 Pro increased the refresh rate to 120 Hz.

There are third-party applications that allow you to see the current refresh rate on your screen. However, these applications only work on root phones. But did you know that you can enable the configuration to display the refresh rate on your Android phone’s screen? Here we show you the option already available on your phone.

Thanks to this guide, you can always see the number of frames per second on your phone’s screen. You can also check which applications or games support 90Hz or 120Hz or more. So it will be an interesting guide for you. Follow the steps below to use this feature on your Android phone.

Enable development options on your OnePlus

Development options are hidden by default on all Android phones. However, you can activate it on your phone in a few easy steps.

  1. Open the settings on your OnePlus phone.
  2. Scroll to the last item and open the About phone page.
  3. Now click on the build number seven times and you will see that you are now a developer.phones

  1. Go back to the main settings and then go to the system.
  2. In the system settings, you will find the developer options.phones

Steps to check the update rate on OnePlusphones

After you have enabled the development options on your phone, you can follow this guide to see the screen refresh rate.

  1. Open the development options on your phone by following the steps above.
  2. Look for the update frequency for Show in the developer options, or you can search for it if you can’t find it.phones

  1. Then turn the switch on and the refresh rate will be displayed on your screen.
  2. The current update frequency is shown in green on the left side of the screen.

You can enable or disable the refresh rate directly in the development options. Yes, it’s so simple that you don’t need to have root in your phone to see the refresh rate. This is very useful if you don’t want to use a third-party application to check your phone’s current refresh rate. This may not make sense to everyone, but many users like me are curious about the current refresh rate.

Allows you to record the game or test the frame rate of an application or game. And there are other applications. We tested this guide on OnePlus and Realme phones. However, this feature is not available on Realme phones. If you think this option is available from other OEMs, let us know and we’ll keep you posted.

This means that the frame rate is displayed on OnePlus phones. I hope you find this guide useful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section.

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frequently asked questions

Which OnePlus phone has a 120 Hz screen?

The display of the OnePlus 8T has the same dimensions as that of its predecessor, the OnePlus 8. It has been confirmed that the OnePlus 8T will have a 6.55-inch screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Does the OnePlus 7T have a 120 Hz screen?

The OnePlus 7T series has a default refresh rate of 90 Hz, and after Asus switched to a 120 Hz refresh rate on its ROG Phone 2, it was clear that OnePlus would follow suit. … The Xiaomi Redmi K30 also has a 120Hz panel, but uses a 1080p LCD panel.

Will the OnePlus 7 support a 90 Hz screen?

The OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro feature a 90 Hz screen that lets you easily play games, scroll through content in applications or simply navigate the user interface.

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