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How to erase photo backgrounds [Online + Desktop]

Below is how to use each of these options, so don’t forget to check them off.

How to use the best online mode to remove background from photos?

1. Erasing the background of an image with Adobe Photoshop

  1. Download Adobe Photoshop from the official Adobe website.
  2. Install it on your computer.
  3. Open the image in Photoshop by clicking File > Open in the main menu.
  4. Select the Background Eraser tool on the Photoshop toolbar.
  5. Then select the round hard brush from the tool options bar at the top of the screen.
  6. Adjust the Tolerance field according to the amount of color change you want to allow in your selection.
  7. Also make sure that sampling is set to Continuous.
  8. You can now run the brush in the background and start the removal process.

It is easy to separate the subject from the background with Adobe Photoshop. The standard Quick Select and Magic Wand tools are clearly up to the task.

In addition, the Background Eraser tool allows you to remove complex backgrounds from an image with the utmost precision. The steps above show you how simple the process is.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing software on the market. Numerous functions allow you to remove backgrounds from images in an instant.

2. Clear bottom with underburner

  1. First, create a Google or FB account that will allow you to sign in to BB. You can skip this step if you already have a Google or FB account.
  2. Click on this hyperlink to open Background Burner as shown below.
  3. Click Login to open the Login tab, as shown in the figure below.
  4. Now click on the Connect to Google or Connect to Facebook buttons to enter the background burner. You can save the edited images to the hard drive only when you log in.
  5. Click Select File to select an image for editing.
  6. A window will then open with an animated dragon marking the image processing. When this is done, the window will probably show several alternative sample images for output.
  7. At first, the image output is not always nice, as there can be quite a bit of background when viewing the image. However, you can remove more background from the image by selecting one of the thumbnails and clicking the Refresh button to open the tab below.
  8. Click on the red Highlight Background button to color the remaining background area in the image with a red dotted cursor. This removes the background portions of the photo and displays the final edited photo on the right in Live View.
  9. To remove the fine details of the background still present in the image, click the arrows on the Highlight Background button and choose a smaller brush size.
  10. You can also zoom in, as shown in the image below, by clicking the Zoom in button. This allows you to magnify the fine details in the background, so you can remove them without erasing the foreground.
  11. If you want to restore the foreground areas, click the Pixel Tools tab. Then click the Restore Foreground button and drag the areas to restore the image.
  12. When you have removed the background from the photo, click Done. The completed background clip is then included in the Gallery View tab.
  13. Move the mouse pointer over the arrow in the top left corner of the image to select Download.jpg or Download.png.
  14. After that you can edit the image with an image editing program if you like. Here is an example of the end result that can be obtained with the underburner.

Background Burner is a free web application for personal use, but there is also a professional edition with more comprehensive tools and options.

Background Burner Pro requires a monthly subscription. However, you don’t need a subscription to edit your own holiday photos.

You just need to have a Google or Facebook account to sign up for BB, and then you can remove the background from your photos as described above.

3. Remove background with magic clipping

  1. Click on this hyperlink to open Clipping Magic in your browser.
  2. Click the Choose image to download button to select an image to edit.
  3. Your browser will then open the Magic Clip Edit tab. First, click the green Foreground Brush button and drag the brush across the foreground to hold it over the image, as shown below.
  4. Then click the Background Brush button and drag the brush across the background to make it disappear with the cursor. The editor will then show you a preview of the image with the removed background on the right, as shown below.
  5. Click the Brush button to enlarge or reduce the size of the brush.
  6. To zoom in on the background areas to be removed, click the Zoom button or turn the middle mouse wheel.
  7. The magic of cutting also includes some additional editing options. For example, click the Shadow button to add a shadow effect to the image.
  8. If you need to crop the image, click the Crop button. Hold down the left mouse button to drag the edges of the crop area around the part of the image you want to crop.
  9. To fill the removed background with color, click the Background button. Select the color to fill the background with.
  10. If you are subscribed to Clipping Magic and logged in, you can click Download to save the image to your hard drive.

Run a system check for possible errors

Press Start Scan to find problems with Windows.

Press Repair Everything to fix problems with proprietary technologies.

Scan the PC with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the repair process replaces the damaged files with new Windows files and components.

Clipping Magic is another web application to remove the background from an image. However, without a monthly subscription, edited photos cannot be stored on your hard drive.

However, you can also use the instrument without a subscription. See the steps above to quickly remove background images from photos with Clipping Magic.

Clipping Magic and Background Burner are great web applications for removing backgrounds from images. Clipping Magic is the best program because it offers more options and tools than BB.

You can also use the most popular image editing programs on the web, such as B. LunaPic, to remove the background. But beyond that, Adobe Photoshop continues to exist for a reason.

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