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How to import Android Studio project in Eclipse? –

Development issue/problem:

I created a project in Android Studio, now I want to import this project into Eclipse, there are options to convert Eclipse to Android Studio, but how can I convert Android Studio to Eclipse ?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

As others have said, a full import is not possible, just try to import manually. The most important files for the Android project are the Java source code (src directory), the XML resource files and the manifesto. Just create a new Android project in Eclipse and copy these files. It may be necessary to create a new package structure. So create the necessary packages, copy the individual source files and change the name of the package if necessary. If you use additional libraries, you may also need to import them manually.

Solution 2:

describes the necessary steps

Here you go. Stand by: September 2014

Welcome to GitHub.

First of all it is easier to create a project with Eclipse-ADT, add a build.gradle and import it into Android Studio
by selecting that build.gradle and then vice versa.

Individual project

see step 2 below


  1. Adding a project file to the root folder


(You can also use the Nodeclipse CLI)
, e.g. from the project root C:UsersusernameAndroidStudioProjectsMyApplicationName run nodeclipse -g

Copy this path (for example in Android Studio Copy Path Ctrl+Shift+C),
to Eclipse File -> Import -> Shared / Existing project in the workspace.

Right now, you don’t need an ADT. Eclipse is similar to Viewer,
, but you can already start building Gradle, installDebug, or running on the device (if you have a defined launch task).

You can perform additional operations in Eclipse

  1. Make sure that for each module (as a handset or carrying part)

2.1 Add 2 standard .file files for the Android project like
below (you get them when creating a new project with Eclipse-ADT,
just change the src path=src/main/java) :



2.2 Creating symbolic links with the control system

On the Lunix.

ln -s src/main/res
ln -s src/main/AndroidManifest.xml AndroidManifest.xml

On Windows, I still don’t know how it will work:

Windows symbolic links

mklink /D res src/main/res
mklink AndroidManifest.xml src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

Windows 7 uses mklink, but it doesn’t work on my PC.

I found a good crossing with
and was able to do the res src/main/res crossing, but it creates a .lnk file (also called Windows shortcut) to point to the file.

I found that Git Bash ln -s src/main/AndroidManifest.xml can run, but it makes a copy, not a link.

2.3 Adding a general folder

2.4 Adding project properties


2.5 Import as existing project

Press the mobile phone, Ctrl+Alt+C
File -> Import -> General / Existing project in the workspace


Of course, there are limits:

  • Eclipse always uses ADT to create
  • Dependencies added per grade are not visible in ADT (but the banks in the libs folder are of course shared).

That’s it:

  • You can use the more stable ADT Eclipse for development and debugging.
  • In the meantime you can use the new building system
    and/or experiment in the same IDE as the second one.

Solution 3:

Try installing the blackout plugin. This works for some applications.

The following update pages are available: (latest construction milestone) (latest version)
Pasting the above URLs into a web browser does not work. To use the Eclipse update site, follow the instructions below.

In Eclipse Open Help >> Install new software
, paste the link to the Cradle Update site in the Work with text box.
Click on the Add button at the top of the screen.
Make sure that the Group items by category option is enabled.
Select the top-level node Integration Extensions / Cradles.
Click Next. This may take some time.
Check the list of software to install. Click Next again.
Read and accept the license agreement and click Finish.

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Good luck!

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