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How to transfer Hitman 2 progress into Hitman 3

If you’re going to Hitman 3 after playing Hitman 2, you’re in luck! You can transfer any progress you have made on all the cards in the game to the new game. Unfortunately, this is only possible on the same platform, so you can’t switch to another platform. For example, an Xbox One account in Hitman 2 can be transferred to the Xbox One version or X series of Hitman 3, but not to the PlayStation 4 or 5. The fact that you can usually report progress is very exciting, considering that players have invested hundreds of hours in old maps. Every map since the first game has been a disappointment since the release of Hitman 2, so it’s nice to see that they’ve addressed this issue. Learn how to transfer your progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3.

Creating an IOI account

Firstly, it is recommended that you do this before you start playing Hitman 3 because if you do it after you play it, you will lose all the progress you have made in Hitman 3. You must access the IO Interactive website through your web browser and create an IOI account in the upper right hand corner of the page to transfer your progress. Once you have created your account, you will receive an email to activate it. So check your junk mail folder if you don’t see the email after a few minutes. When you launch your account, you can link it to your Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Network, Steam or Xbox Live account. Make sure you have created a link to the account where you saved your Hitman 2 data. Pay attention: Stadia is considered a different platform than Epic Game Store and Steam, so you cannot transfer progress between them.

Once you activate your email, you should be taken directly to your account page; otherwise, click on IOI Account in the top right corner of the official website. Click the Account Settings button and you can manage related accounts. When you first log into Hitman 3 with the account you’re logged into, you’ll see a message asking if you want to transfer your progress, and then you’ll be redirected to a web page to do so. Important reminder: If you started the Hitman 3 game before this point, you will lose all progress.

At that time we could only link one account, and when we tried to delete it and link another, the website crashed, so there may be server issues that will hopefully be resolved. This is important because those trying to transfer progress from Steam to the Epic Game Store will need to link the two accounts. We also encountered a situation where she would not reveal the name of the account we had logged into, but showed the platform. If this has happened to you, check that the progress has been transferred to the game anyway. If this is not the case, you should contact IO Interactive customer support.

What is portability?

When you move your promotion to Hitman 3, you bring with you everything you previously received in Hitman 2 maps. This includes the Hitman 2 player profile, XP rank, location skill levels, location skill unlocks, challenge progression, challenge unlocks, and finally all the elusive target costumes and contract unlocks. If you have saved the progress of the current mission, it will not be moved. Unfortunately, you can’t advance the Hitman game from 2016, only Hitman 2. So if you missed the sequel, you have to start from scratch. If you do not have the DLC Legacy pack in Hitman 2, which includes the original maps, you will not be able to use these maps in Hitman 3 unless you purchase them.

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