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The moment many of us have been waiting for came this morning with the animal cross: New Horizons Direct. This video, in a new Switch exclusive, shows all aspects of life on the islands. The game comes out in exactly one month, and we’ve never been more excited about it.

One of the most notable features of Direct is the ability to customize your home with an updated user interface. Were you able to see what the museum looks like now? These fish and dinosaur fossils have never looked better! See the full video below, as well as the official press release.


Tom Nook has an eye for business. For this reason, the Animal Crossing employee took the time to create a new video presentation of his latest project, Nook Inc. Getaway package on a desert island. In his presentation he explained what a crossbreed of animals is: New Horizons, an exclusive release for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on 20. Mars. The video covers everything you need to know as a potential buyer of a Desert Island Getaway package to get started: an introduction to your new life on the island, the basics of homeownership, details about your new neighbors, land development, exploration, crafts and more.

Animal Crossing games offer players a unique and relaxing break from the stresses of everyday life, just like Animal Crossing : New Horizons builds on this principle by allowing players to create their own island utopias, said Nick Chavez, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America. When Nintendo Switch owners pack their virtual bags and move to their new island, they’ll have more ways than ever to turn their lives into Animal Crossing. Like the Nintendo Switch, you can play the game however you want.

New in the series!

  • Life on the island: Nook Inc. confidently recommends a trip to a remote desert island. And not just because it’s the only company offering these packages! Life on the island is just as peaceful and relaxed. Because the island is deserted, you can create your new life right from the start – just like a pioneer! Time flows as naturally as it does in the real world, including seasons and day and night cycles that reflect real time.
  • HOMEWORK : By collecting certain materials on the island, you can create various objects, including tools and furniture. In craft workshops, you will learn how to enrich your life by making craft recipes. Once you’re comfortable with DIY, you can even learn specific skills, like changing the colors of your DIY furniture or decorating with custom designs.
  • Nukfon: Nook Inc. offers you some basic items and services, including your own NookPhone. It has standard applications such as a camera and a map, but over time new applications will be added to meet the needs of your island. The camera lets you take fun photos anywhere on the island – you can even add pretty filters, like all the cool kids do!
  • Nook Miles: For players looking for more specific goals, and to give advice and inspiration on the island, you can use the mileage of the square. By completing certain tasks and gaining experience you will earn miles which can be used to recoup the cost of the tour package or possibly exchanged for in-game rewards. Rewards range from in-game merchandise and useful items from Nook Inc. that can enhance your time on the island, to tickets that allow you to visit distant islands.
  • Island Tours: These mysterious island tours are organized at the whim of the pilot, so you never know where you’ll end up! Once you’re on these little islands, you can collect as much stuff as you want – like. B. Accessories and DIY creatures – and take them to your island.
  • Away: With Nook Inc. Desert Island Getaway allows up to eight people to live on an island*. Party Play allows you to summon up to three other players to explore the island simultaneously. He who calls others will be a leader and make followers. It is easy to change leaders so that others can quickly take over. Any creature or item found by minions will be stored in a recycling box in the Resident Services building!
  • Land Development : You can pole vault on your island’s rivers and climb ladders to reach higher ground, but you can also change the landscape by adding bridges and ramps. Once your island is fully paved, you have permission to freely pave your own paths and perform major construction work, such as modifying river paths or building and removing rocks. With your own maintenance and building permits, you can work your creative muscles on the floor itself, not just on what’s there.
  • Nuklink: Yes, Tom Nook likes to put his name on everything. But when it comes to a product or service from Nook, you know you’re getting something of high quality. NookLink, part of the Nintendo Switch Online app, lets you scan the custom QR code template from previous Animal Crossing games: Overlapping leaves or animals: Happy Home Designer with your real smartphone, then upload them to Animal Crossing : New horizons. If you are connected to the Internet, you can talk to friends who also own Animal Crossing : Play New Horizons with the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone application and use your smartphone as a keyboard or for voice chat. NookLink will launch in March, shortly after the launch of the selection included in your Desert Island package.

Detailed breakdown of Getaway Package Experience!

  • Choose your island: Before embarking, choose an island from several options. The choice of where you live, for example B. in the northern or southern hemisphere, affects the time of year, so choose the location that suits you best. The seasons change on the island, as do the activities. For those in the northern hemisphere, spring doesn’t begin until the game starts on the 20th. March is starting, so expect cherry blossoms to appear soon!
  • Get your bearings: After landing on the island, you will receive a helpful briefing from the staff of Nook Inc. On this occasion a tent will be provided, which is included in the package. You can talk to other islanders about where you want to settle and help them choose a place to live.
  • Resident Services : Resident services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your daily needs. They offer services such as selling everyday items, purchasing unwanted items and helpful advice.
  • Become a homeowner: The Nook Inc. tent is great, but have you thought about a house? Home loans have no terms, interest rates or ratings and you can repay the loan at your own pace. The house offers much more space than a tent and also includes storage for any extra furniture and luggage. Once you are a homeowner, you can ask your interior designer to install the walls, floors and furniture to your liking. You can also take advantage of our extension and renovation services to enlarge and personalize your home.
  • Luxury personification: Animal Crossing : New Horizons offers more customization options than ever before, whether it’s adjusting appearance, skin tone, hair and clothing, or placing buildings and items all over the island. You can even decorate your home inside and out! Make this island my home!
  • Airport : This is the first place you land on the island. (It is, after all, an airport.) It is also available 24 hours a day, starting the day after your arrival. At the airport you can invite residents of other islands to come to your own island via the internet or wireless LAN. You can also travel alone and visit other islands! Up to eight people** can play at once on a given island. That way you can get a good group together and make great memories.
  • Island-wide broadcasts : At the beginning of each day, Mr. Nook, CEO of Nook Inc. informs all islanders of important events on the island and gives advice on how to best enjoy life on the island.

Upgrades and updates to keep you enjoying the island!

  • New tenants: When you first land on the island, only a few animals live with you. But the more you develop your island from scratch, the more neighbors will come in. You can even invite some of the new residents to live there yourself! There’s no such thing as a friendly neighbor.
  • Free updates: Free updates are added after the game launches, with seasonal events added throughout the year. The first free update will be released on launch day, March 20, and will be available. If you install this update, you can celebrate Bunny Day in April with a special event. If you have both Animal Crossings: Pocket storage for mobile equipment and pet passages : New Horizons, you will receive special items in each game. Details will be announced on the official Animal Crossroads at a later date: Pocket Camp Twitter account.
  • Additional equipment : As your island grows, more facilities will be built. There’s a museum that showcases the island’s rich ecosystem, a shop that sells furniture and ready-made items that you can’t make yourself, a tailor shop that sells clothing and fashion items, and a campground where you can invite customers to relax and have fun.
  • Tourists and events : Your island will not only be a home for new residents, but also for tourists! These temporary visitors are always welcome and can offer items that cannot be produced on the island. Visitors can also participate in fun activities such as fishing tournaments and bug-offs that take place throughout the year. With free updates for Animal Crossing : New horizons, new special events and seasonal guests are featured.
  • the support of amiibo: Animal Crossing : New Horizons supports amiibo figures and amiibo cards from the Animal Crossing series. You can also invite these familiar faces to Photopia, an island that exists in the game where you can place models in creative photo shoots.
  • Taking control of Twitter : Follow in Tom Nook’s footsteps on social media, who reportedly took over the Twitter @AnimalCrossing account right after today’s video presentation.

Animal Crossing : New Horizons comes out on the 20th. Run in stores, on the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and on for the suggested retail price of $59.99. In addition to the game, players can improve their skills by crossing animals: The new HorizonsNintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite carrying cases, which sell for the suggested retail price of $24.99 each.

Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing theme will also be released on the 13th. March at a suggested retail price of $299.99. The system is based on the Animal Crossing design: New Horizons (sold separately), featuring beautiful green and pastel blue Joy-Con controllers, white on the back, with matching green and pastel blue bracelets, and a white Nintendo Switch dock decorated with images of Tom Nook and Nooking characters Timmy and Tommy.

*In each game, up to eight Nintendo account holders can live on the same island. With a Nintendo Switch system and game, up to four Nintendo account holders can play at the same time on the same island (additional accessories required). With optional systems and games, up to eight players can play simultaneously on the same island via a local wireless or online connection. A Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo account are required to use the online features. Not in every country. Internet access is required for online features. The following rules apply. Games, systems, additional accessories and Nintendo Switch online subscriptions are sold separately.

**Multiplayer requires additional games, systems, accessories and/or a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Available separately.

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