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Station Manager Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Station Master
Genre: Other, Simulation, Puzzle
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher: Kairosoft
Age Rating: EU 3+ | United States All
Price: NAM $14.00 | EU $13.00 | United Kingdom $11.69
Release Date: February 4, 2021

Discover the code used, with big thanks to Kairosoft!

Welcome to one of Kairosoft’s brilliant titles on the Switch! As a long time fan of Kairosoft games, I am very happy to write about it.

As with all Kairosoft games, you get a nice tutorial from your assistant who explains and shows you how to build, manage and customize your searches. You start with a small pile of gold (cash) and are given first choice currency – coins.

Everyone on board.

Underground, above ground

I started with the first available map, which I named “Hylia Stop,” and seized the opportunity with both hands. I was greeted by a small station, a train and a train, and some amenities. The assistant invites you to build other objects, environments and stores. It shows you how to open the build menu, select your object, and then place it on an illuminated square in your station.

Finally, you can expand your station by adding another large space at each end of the first station. This way you double your original space, so you can place even more items to satisfy your customers. Soon you will feel comfortable exploring, so you can expand your space even further. Explore new facilities, trains and even reinvest in the city for long-term benefits.

Pixel sky


Now, I never have a problem with the graphics as long as they are in the style used. The station manager makes perfect use of pixelization, zoom in and you’ll see that every pixel is too big and blurry, but zoom out and it’s a great selection of pixels in people, stores, trains! It’s a style used in all Kairosoft games, and it’s definitely grown on me and taken its place in my heart. But it’s not for everyone, which is understandable.

Musically, the station manager continues to rely on the Kairosoft algorithm, which means soft, pleasant and delicate music. Guitars and soft drum beats keep the music in tune, in a relaxed rhythm that contributes to the atmosphere of your station.

Don’t miss a beat.

Seasonal premiums

There is so much to enjoy in this game, even though it looks pretty small when you first open it. Every customer has a favorite season, and tackling it in season can really pay off! Seasonal benefits include higher speeds, easier to maintain fun, and more ways to spend the money.

It would be a good idea to continue on this path, but don’t forget to change it if you find new ones, because they usually have higher prices and also attract new customers. When a customer reaches a certain level, special things happen, like a level 2 gift, or a settlement in your town, or even an offer to become an explorer.

The Station Manager also allows you to play from different stations, and if you play once, you learn and change the play style for the next station.

Jumping on the first train

It is a moment of madness!!!

The stationmaster has already left. If you liked what I told you, why don’t you take it?

Check out Kairosoft’s Twitter. Or their main page here, but know that some are in Japanese.

Or you can buy it now from Nintendo, click here.

Final verdict: I like her very much.

Here’s how:

How to load…

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