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The Redundant and Poor Tradeoff Skills of the Captain Rework

So with the Captain redesign, I was busy creating designs for some ships and I generally liked that I could play around a bit more with creating designs for each ship or for ships with similar play styles.

However, I couldn’t help but ask others what they thought of a few unnecessary and non-negotiable extra skills that just aren’t worth taking, or how to discard skills to get your last extra points.

I’ll list them and give my opinion on why I don’t think they’re worth it:

  • Hidden threat: An obscuration of +15% is very good, but the inversion time of -50% does not look good. Is it when the plane returns to the aircraft carrier or when it detaches after dropping the shells and flies to a safe altitude? Anyway, this case looks pretty bad.
  • (CV) Increased number of responses (4pts) : On paper it looks good too, but you should know that the fighters only have a one minute delay, so losing that time sucks. You almost have to be in rhythm, dropping combat patrols almost in front of enemy aircraft heading for their target to steal their time once they arrive. I don’t know, I haven’t seen the effectiveness of this thing in action, but I’m speculating at this point; maybe some will share their experiences with it?
  • Super heavy shells (3 pts): +5% increase in AP damage for what is essentially a 78 second timer for burns and floods? This one is so unbalanced in terms of risk/reward and is probably worth, as they say, the Russian battleships with their DKP? Even BoS can’t completely mitigate this, as you always get a net gain of +15% in stopgaps.
  • (CL/CA/CB) Eye in the Sky (2 pt.) This would be a great skill on cruisers…. If all cruisers had access to a reconnaissance plane. Russian CLs, some British CL/CAs, Israeli CL/CAs, and most IX-X level cruisers have visual access to aircraft. IJN, USN, German and French Tier IV-VIII cruisers do not have access to visual aircraft, so only the aforementioned ship lines and high-speed cruisers can use this capability. I would really like to see this not be the only scope competency, and I would like to see us have a scope improvement competency. My opinion on this is a little more controversial than the other jurisdictions here, but it’s mostly about my gripes about the spotter being an exclusive consumable for cruisers.
  • (CL/CA/CB) Heavy HE and GSP grenades (3 pts.) Diaphragm designs aside, this capability only benefits 127-140mm cruisers because they don’t have to compromise on clogging and can use it without discomfort. However, it only does 10% damage in a class that already has good DPMs, so I consider it a redundant or disposable skill for all intense targets, since the ability to not disable is not worth it, no matter how agile your ship is.
  • (CL/CA/CB) Overrun (4pts) : As far as I know, this power is only beneficial for very short range ships, as it is less likely to be activated at greater distances. Even in this case, cruisers already have a good spread + burn rate to compensate for the low accuracy, and only really benefit large cruisers to get more regular fire. This skill should either be redefined or simply removed to get something better and more durable that matches the high value of 4 points. (As an extra shooting range…)
  • (CL/CA/CB) Survival expert (3 points) : REALLY? DID YOU SAVE THAT FOR THE CRUISERS? ! If there was a model child for surplus skills, it would be this one: SE on cruise ships is bad for many reasons. For starters, most cruisers get 5-8% extra hp from this skill, only super light cruisers like Atlanta, Smolensk and Colbert get 9-12% more hp than I ever earned to make this skill worthwhile. However, we’re talking about cruisers here, a class that can easily go from 100% to 0% due to a small mistake: 5% to 8% extra hp won’t save you in the long run, and it seems to me that they’ve retained a lot of redundant skills for cruisers of all types. Unless it’s a 1 point skill, maybe, but 3 points is a bit much.
  • (DD, Cruiser, BB) Consumables/Specialty (2pt/1pt) : I really miss the old Jack from the old jobs. I also miss the smoke screen expert for my Royal Navy cruisers. They cut and butchered old Joat and replaced the SSE with these 2 throwing skills? Maybe also longer smoke for crawlspaces, longer radar, etc. Hey guys, they made the Expense module a great idea! That said, I just miss the quick reload repair team for the battleships, especially with the captains upgrading the JoAT, they REALLY lost some of their value. Dunkirk and Jutland, for example, have lost some of their value through this transformation. It’s just not the same.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think there are skills that are simply unnecessary or a poor compromise? And please don’t talk about Deadeye: there are plenty of posts complaining about the way he encourages passive sniping to mention it here is like beating a dead horse. In any case, Deadeye has already proven to have the best advantage over ships with good variance, so spread the word that there is a marginal advantage to all but the most accurate BBs and that’s the end of it.

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  • The idea is to recycle some of the captain’s skills…

The upcoming carrier conversions will change the captain’s options, at least for the carrier part, I suppose. And the recent change in secondary armament got me thinking about some changes that might be interesting. Secondary manual skill, if you take this skill, you get an amateur.

  • With a revised curriculum vitae; it’s time for a radical overhaul of the captain’s module and skills.

Redesign of modules : Module slot 6 : Torpedo reloading module : Remove the +50% chance to neutralize the torpedo tubes. DD’s life is already worth remembering. The loss of tubes through accidents is a waste design, and no other class will lose such a large weapon so often, especially if the CV has aircraft design skills. The AA mod. 3: is in…

  • Almost mandatory for captain skills, modules and upgrades.

As I’ve been playing WOWS for a year now, I’ve become increasingly concerned with the cost of the ship modes that are currently in the game. By that, I mean all the things that change your ship’s stats, like the direction change modes, the fire/sink/AAA flags, or the captain’s cape 4pt…..

Redundant and uncompromising captain skills restore for the World of Warships game.

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