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What does ‘User Not Found’ on Instagram mean? 7 talking points

Instagram has over a billion active users, eclipsing most other social networks, and it seems nothing can stop this growth. However, as with any growing online platform, you may encounter one or two problems from time to time.

One of the many error messages that Instagram displays is that the user is not found. Well, there could be several reasons why you are seeing this error in Instagram and here we will talk about what the user error not found in Instagram means and what you can do to fix it.

The username is a person’s personality on Instagram, but more often than not, you’ll find people changing their usernames to look more quirky and funny on the platform, and why not? After all, the platform works on oddities and memes.

If someone has changed their username, you can still find them using old photos whose tags reflect the new and changed username. Or you can do the usual and ask a mutual friend.

If you still can’t find the new username on your old marked photos, it’s probably due to one of the reasons listed below.

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Instagram users can also disable or temporarily disable their accounts. By doing so, Instagram makes its profile private and removes all content and links from the public database.

If someone has disabled their account, they will see the error message User not found on Instagram until the user restores and unlocks their account.

As in the previous case, some people go further and delete their account permanently, in which case you will again get the error message User not found on Instagram.

Together, these three Facebook applications make up by far the largest user base of social media users on the Internet.

When a person permanently deletes his or her account, all content and data is immediately made private and, after a certain period of time, deleted from Instagram’s servers; and, of course, you can no longer find his or her profile on the platform.

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It’s a little tricky now, but it’s possible that the person you’re looking for has blocked you on Instagram. This could also be a mistake, but if someone has blocked you on the platform, you won’t be able to find their profile, and even if you do, you’ll see a blank page.

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Another perfectly plausible explanation is that Instagram suspended the user’s account (temporarily or permanently) and deleted the user’s profile again, in which case you’ll once again see the user not found on the Instagram error.

User accounts are generally suspended on Instagram if they have been seriously reported, if they have spammed the platform or if they have done something that is restricted by EU rules and the platform’s terms of service.

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It may seem impossible, but it absolutely is – a few keys on the screen is all it takes – the portable touchscreen is a real thing, believe it or not. If you have blocked someone on Instagram, you may also see the error message User Not Found.

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Last but not least, a very basic mistake that you may have already checked, but that we recommend you make again. Check the entered user name. Sometimes the difference between zero and O or similar text can lead to an error. Besides, double-checking never hurt anyone.

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