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Whipseey And The Lost Atlas Review –

Whipseey and Lost Atlas is the latest budget platformer to be released on the Switch. You play a young boy named Alex who falls into a strange world and takes the form of the hero Whipsey. Now you must piece together the magical world to find the lost Atlas and return to your own world. The first thought most Nintendo fans have when they see this game is that it looks a lot like the famous Pink Puff, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

While you might think it’s a simple clone of Kirby, it actually plays in a completely different way. Your main tool in this game is the whip, which you can use to hit your enemies, swing through holes, or even spin to safely glide across the ground. Despite this versatility, the whip can only be thrown in front of you. The character’s movements are pretty limited, only running, jumping and whipping are really on the agenda. One of the big mobility issues in this game is the inability to move around, as there are a lot of tight platform segments where a dashboard would really help.

As you would expect with a low price, Whipseey is a relatively short game with only 5 levels. Fortunately, they are filled to the brim with quality. Each scene seems unique, with each environment representing a specific theme for gameplay. One level looks like a beach and therefore has many underwater sections, while the other level is a playground where you can even ride a model train. A unique variety of enemies at each stage keeps the game fresh. The game has an enemy that appears in almost every level, but even in this case the enemy wears different outfits that match the theme of the level he is in.

The levels of this game are less inspired by Kirby and more by Mega Man. Each port has its own history and corresponding types of enemies, and they are all very long, taking five to ten minutes to complete. Of course, this does not take into account the complexity of the game. It can be very difficult, but in the most positive way. You have a very limited number of lives in each level, and it’s not easy to take stock. If you lose all your lives, you have to restart the whole level. It really forces you to be careful of every enemy you encounter and every breach you cross. The icing on the cake are the various bosses that guard the end of each level, where defeating them is actually super rewarding.

As for the main game, it shines in many ways, but unfortunately has its share of problems. While the graphics of the game are beautiful, the sound tends to take you out of the moment. The music doesn’t really match the visuals of the levels, and in some ways it almost seems like stock music was used to fill it. The same goes for the sound effects and menu screens, which are just as typical. It’s actually frustrating to go from the level selection screen to the actual levels, because the quality bar is set so far in between. If they had spent a little more time improving these aspects of the game, the game would have definitely scored higher.

Although the game only has a few levels, it offers about an hour of content, which is pretty standard for a $6 game. After I finished the game, I couldn’t help but think that maybe they’ll go further and give us New Game Plus mode or Boss Rush or something. There is virtually no replay value here, meaning that once you’ve played each scene, you have no reason to return to it. The lack of secret collectibles or new ways to find them is a real puzzle. Some may appreciate replaying the same levels at some point, but some incentive would be helpful in this regard. To tell you the truth, I really enjoyed my stay in this unit!

Whipseey and the investigation of the lost atlas
  • Charts – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 3/10
  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Late complaint – 5/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

Whipseey and Lost Atlas is a budget platform that delivers in a small package. It’s a very short game, but it offers a quality experience. There are some minor issues, such as. B. archival music and lack of additional content. But what you get is well worth the asking price for this game.

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