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Who is the Superest Mario of them all? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Group Stage Part 5]

Group stage, part 5

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Who is the greatest of all Marios? It’s crazy, I know, but

r/Nintendo has been around for 12 years and we haven’t come to an agreement yet. We have to do something! Tuesday Tussle is our weekly series in which we determine which of the 56 forms of Mario… bonus Transformations… whatever you want to call them, that’s the biggest thing.

We have a first group stage with 14 groups of 4 before moving on to the double elimination tournament. The Mario list comes from the Super Mario Wiki, the definitive source of all information about Mario and the final word, the ultimate authority that none of us will question.

Results last week

Group stage Winner Evaluation Loser Evaluation
Group H – Losers Round 2 Mr. Pipe. 37.5% Mushroom 36.6%
Group I – First round losers Mario the Flying Squirrel 60.7% Flight mode 39.3%
Group J – Losers Round 1 Mario Rainbow 75% Mario Pump 25%
Group K – The Underdogs Round 1 Little Mario 69.6% Scarecrow 30.4%
Group L – Semi-final 2 Statue of Mario 88.3% Pierre 11.7%
Group M – Semi-finals Match 1 Disappearing Mario 69.6% Superball Mario 30.4%
Group M – Semi-finals Match 2 Tanoki Mario 75% Mario, the superstar 25%
Group N – Semi-final 1 Mario’s Wings 65.2% Mad Mario. 34.8%
Group N – Semi-final 2 White Mario Tanoki 56.4% Mario, the white raccoon 43.6%
Group A – Final Mario the Bee 71.2% Mario ball 28.8%

This week’s game

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The brackets indicate when Mario first appeared – there may be slight variations between games.

Group L – losing side

  1. Jump Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – Jumping high; climbing steep slopes; automatically jumping on wall
    Stone (Paper Mario) – Keeps Mario moving; in Paper Mario, it makes Mario impervious to attacks.

Group M – Loser’s Parenthesis

  1. Super Mario Land (Super Mario Land) – Launch Super Balls
    Super Mario Star (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island) – Super speed; invincibility; ability to climb walls; swimming.

Group N – Loser’s Parenthesis

  1. Strange Mario (Super Mario Maker) – Gives Mario Luigi power, including a higher jump, but a lower shot of
    White Raccoon Mario (New Super Mario Bros. 2) – Raccoon Mario’s abilities; permanent invincibility; quick P-Meter recharge; walks on water.

Group A – Loser’s Parenthesis

  1. N/A
  2. Mario Ball (Super Mario World) – floats like a ball
    Plumber’s Complaint (Super Mario RPG) – A disguise reminiscent of the art of Nimbus Land Garroid.

Group B – Final

  1. Boo Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – can swim; goes through walls; becomes invisible; dresses Boo; includes Booosh
    Boat Stand (Paper Mario: Millennium Door) – allows Mario and his partners to cross the water unharmed.

Group C – Final

  1. Cape Mario (Super Mario World) – Glide; Fly; Spin; Ground Break
    Builder Mario (Super Mario Maker) – Swing a hammer; create and use building boxes as platforms.

Group D – Final

  1. Cat Mario (Super Mario 3D World) – Run along walls and goal posts; scratch enemies with your claws; dive with a bomb; sprint faster
    Cloud Mario (Super Mario Galaxy 2) – Form cloud platforms and step over them.

Group E – Final

  1. Flying Squirrel Mario (New Super Mario Bros. U) – Slides; clings to walls; jumps while sliding
    Mario Fire (Super Mario Bros.) – shoots fireballs.

Group F – Final

  1. Frog Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – swims faster; swims through the current; jumps high; walks in the water (Super Mario Maker 2 only)
    Mario Hammer (Super Mario Bros. 3) – Throw hammers; block enemy fireballs.

Group G – Final

  1. Ice Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – walks or slides on water and lava; clings to and jumps over waterfalls; fire and ice resistance
    Invincible Mario (Super Mario Bros.) – Defeat enemies on contact; invulnerability.

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Contribution. Which one is the best Mario? Vote Tuesday! Group scene, part 5] for Game News.

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